Help! I need a new hairdresser, how do I choose?

We have all been there, the bad haircut!  Choosing a new hairdresser can be complicated.  Our top tips are as follows-

Ask around.  If you see someone in the street and you like their hair ask them where they go.   

Before you book for the big appointments, cutting or technical services, visit the salon for a treatment and blow dry.  This allows you to get a feel for the environment without commitment.  Do you like the surroundings?  Did you like the stylist and were you happy with your hair?  If not try somewhere else until you are satisfied.

If you were happy with your service and you want to return book in for a consultation.  This gives you and the stylist time to discuss the options you have in mind.  This also allows the stylist to book the correct length of time for your appointment and to conduct any tests that may be necessary.

Chances are that the stylist you have chosen will be busy.  A good hairdresser will always be in demand.  If you can't get an appointment as soon as you would like, wait! It will be worth it.  They are busy for a reason.

Finally, good hairdressers are expensive. Chances are they have trained for years, they are still training.  It takes time and money to keep up with the latest industry developments and their time is valuable.  If you love your hair its money well spent. 

A cliche but true, your hair is your most important outfit!