Sophia Hilton-Not Another Academy

When NEON Salon & School was launched in January 2016 we made a promise to offer high quality training focusing on relevant practical skills.  Alongside our in house NVQ courses we hoped to offer access to external trainers who could bring something new to Jersey, something that we wouldn't normally have access to without a lengthy commute!  Enter Sophia Hilton and her sidekick Carla Rinaldi from 'Not Another Salon/Academy' on London's Brick Lane.

For the past two days NEON staff, students and local employers have attended the exclusive 100% Freehand Balayage & Perfect Bleed courses run by Sophia & Carla. In the event that you haven't heard of them (seriously) just type their names into google.  Sophia has won some (read lots) of serious industry awards, is famous for her flawless colour work and is the owner of 'Not Another Salon'.  Carla is the salon Manager, her colour knowledge is insane and her hidden rainbow went viral, another one for google.

Both days followed a similar plan, model presentations by Sophia & Carla in the morning and student practice in the afternoon.  On the first day we learnt new techniques for ombre & balayage, specific to 'Not Another Academy' and the second day we learnt the signature 'bleed'. Not as easy as it looks.  Sophia & Carla were tough educators, making sure we perfected our technique, keeping our balayage tidy and leaving no bleed unblended!  They taught us the importance of educating our clients, setting realistic expectations and how each look works commercially.  

To say the past two days have been inspiring would be an understatement, the knowledge gained has been invaluable.  Everyone left each course excited, motivated and focused on how they were going to use the techniques in their own salons. Excited about how they could translate the looks for their clients.  As far as hairdressing courses go this is up there with the best arguably the most fun, and messy! NEON now has bright colour splashed up the walls and all over the floor but we like it, it feels like Sophia & Carla are rebels in the 'safe' colouring world and they have definitely left their 'Not Another Academy' mark in Jersey. We might just start rebelling also. Watch this space!

* NEON Salon & School would just like to thank everyone who attended, with your support we hope to offer access to other external educators giving hairdressers the opportunity to attend advanced training normally only available off island.  Thank you to Nikki at Salon Essentials Ci and Innoluxe for sponsoring the day, to Suzannah at Avanti for meeting my many demands, to our seriously good models, all sixteen of you!  Finally, a huge thank you to Sophia, Carla and your glamorous assistant Juliette, we loved it!

See you soon x